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Q: How can I enable the Transparency Effects (Glass) in Task/Sidebar of LH4074?
A: Check out this Couillon FAQ entry and watch this screenshot to see it in action!


-- LONGHORN [Miscellaneous] --

HOT! *Collection of Screenshots of FAKED Longhorn Builds* (mirror)
*ieXbeta's Longhorn Screenshots Roundup*
TIP! *GCNAddict's LogonUI's for Longhorn*

Codename: DashBoard v2.0 Beta5
(Dashboard is an application that resides at the side of your screen, similar to the LH Sidebar -- website)
SmartBarXP v0.991 BETA 4.9
(If you like the nice Sidebar in LH, this is the same thing for XP! -- website)
LH Windows File Protection Guide
(How to disable Windows File Protection in Longhorn? -- Author: AlphaAlien)
TIP! LH Filesizes & CRC Checks Guide [ALL Builds]
(Wanna know if ur ISO is the right one? Check this out! -- Author: Taco Bell from ieXbeta)
LH Sky Environment Map Demo Application
(Name says it all; ripped from LH4051 PDC Build -- Creator: Flegmato from OSBA)
HOT! LH Something Special RC1
(Gives you some extra Tiles in Longhorn and more.. -- Source: BetasIRC)
LH DCE Effects Beta2 Package (removed)
(This download was removed on request of the Author: AlphaAlien)
LH405x News Feed Tile - scr1 - scr2 - scr3
(You can add this News Feed Tile to your LH Sidebar to see MSDN News! -- Source: HWGeeks)
Longhorn Sapphire Theme + Sapphire Lite Theme + Wallpack + Auto-(un)Installer v1.1
(The first Longhorn Themes already available.. use the Auto-(un)Installer to easily skin LH! -- Source: HWGeeks)
Longhorn 405x Sprite Sheet
(A Sprite Sheet for LH Build 405x, enjoy! -- Author: YoungLink)
Tutorial on how to extract WinPE from Longhorn
(This tutorial explains how you can extract WinPE from LH 4051/4053/4074 -- Author: LikuidKewl)
TIP! Icons extracted from Longhorn
(This package contains a set of icons all extracted from Longhorn -- Author: VeraBlue)
Longhorn 3-in-1 Bug Fixer
(This tool fixes 2 common LH bugs ánd the new folder bug in LH4074 -- Author: Grimpy)
HOT! Uxtheme DLL Repository (Rafael Rivera's Blog)
(Patch your Uxtheme.dll today and enjoy third-party theming! -- Source: Vorte[x])
Neowin's UX-Theme Multi-Patcher v2
(Supports Windows XP RTM/SP1/SP2 English Version and Windows Server 2003 English Version)
TIP! MCE Guide: Media Center Exposed (Rev.5) Mirror (vortex-scratchpad)
(A guide on how to install MCE 2004/2005 on your OS without any reboots, PID changing, reg. hacks, etc. -- Author: Vorte[x])
NEW! Longhorn Transformation Pack v9
(The most flexible patch and the best Longhorn Transformation Pack ever created has just gotten better! -- Author: WindowsX)
LH4050-4074 Aurora Effects Demo
(The Aurora effect seems to be a replacement of the gradient fill in every Explorer window's preview pane (details). -- Source: AeroXPerience)



NEW!-- LONGHORN [Build 4083 - AMD64bit] --

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12
(Screenshots courtesy of WinBeta.org)
Desktop - IE - Admin Icon? - Setup - Start Menu Items
(Screenshots courtesy of AeroXperience.net)

NFO WinBeta
(The WinBeta.Org NFO file with instructions on the LH4083 AMD64bit installation)


-- LONGHORN [Build 4074] --

01 - more - even more
(DWM effects @ work, check out the shadows and layering!)
LH4074 Bliss Wallpaper 1600x1200
(The default wallpaper of Longhorn Build 4074 in 1600x1200 resolution)
TIP! JadeBlue1 - JadeBlue2 - JadeBlue3 - JadeGlass1 - JadeGlass2 - JadeGlass3 - GlassWP - Luna1 - Luna2 - Slate1 - Slate2 - Aero1 - Aero2 - Aero3 - AeroWP
(Skinned DWM screenshots [might be doctored!]: Jade in Blue, Glass and full Glass wallpaper + Luna and Slate in Glass + Aero.. check out Horvath's DWM Skins below!)
Pure Aero - Hacked Aero - Aero Sidebar - more - Aero with DWM (Glass)
(Aero Theme @ work, check out the sidebar and taskbar in the last screenshot!)
NEW! Download Manager @ Work - Transparancy Shot
(Nice screenshots with full transparency using the Jade Glass Theme -- Author: Rowan)

(The BetasIRC NFO file with instructions on the LH4074 installation)

LH 4074 CRC Check
(You can check if your downloaded ISO is valid by comparing it against this CRC Value: 0xF0464B61)
LH 4074 Custom CD Covers
(Here you have some custom made CD covers for the newest LH build -- Author: Dizza)
LH4074 Tweak Guide
(And yet again he has done it and made an excellent Tweak Guide for LH4074! -- Author: Chris123NT)
NEW!TIP! LH 4074 DWM Switcher
(This tool combines the controlling of DWM Effects with the transparancy regtweak -- Author: MRMB)

LH 4074 DWM Controller
(This tool makes controlling the DWM Effects of LH4074 a piece of cake! -- Author: DarkSide)
LH 4074 Directory Creator Tool v0.8 Beta
(A Tool to create folders in longhorn 4074, without having to use CMD -- Author: Minz)
TIP! Modified Jade Theme with Skinned DWM v2 - Skinned Luna DWM - Skinned Slate DWM v2 - Skinned Aero DWM
(Skinning LH is not new.. skinning DWM is! Take a look at the pics above and enjoy -- Author: Horvath)
LH 4074 Folder Fix v1.0
(This registry hack fixes the create-a-folder issue in longhorn 4074 -- Source: BetaONE)
LH 4074 Release Covers & Disk Labels
(This cover is a companion to the Microsoft Windows Longhorn 4074 released at WinHEC -- Source: Remog)
TIP! LH 4074 AeroEnabler Tool
(This tool activates the Aero Theme in LH4074. Sidebar must be enabled to succeed! -- Author: Stan_Fisher)
LH 4074 Plex Reloaded Theme - screenshot
(A nice Plex recreation theme for 4074, worth a try! -- Author: NightHawk)



-- LONGHORN [Build 3718] --

01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06
(This Build 3718.Lab06_N.021119-1730 is a DIRTY leak! -- Read here why: ieXbeta Post)
01 - 02
(More screenshots -- Source: Worldbetas)

(The iNFLUENCE NFO file with instructions on the LH3718 installation)

LH 3718 setup.exe
(This file counts as proof that this leak is genuine)
HOT! LH3718 Tweak Guide
(Jawohl, even for this build 3718 is a Tweak Guide available! -- Author: Nighthawk)


-- LONGHORN [Build 4053] --

LH4053 in MS Virtual PC 2004
(LH4053 in MS Virtual PC 2004.. with color!)
LH4053 Activation Proof
(Check out the date!)

TIP! scr1 - scr2 - scr3 - scr4 - scr5 - scr6 - scr7 - scr8 - scr9 - scr10
(Longhorn Skinning Efforts -- Source: HWGeeks)
01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - eXtra
(This Build 4053.main.031022-1720 is genuine and available -- Source: Neowin.net)
01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06
(More screenshots -- Source: BetasIRC.net)

NFO BetasIRC - NFO WinBeta
(The BetasIRC & WinBeta NFO files with instructions on the LH4053 installation)

LH 4053.Screens & Setup Pack
(Well, build 4053 has leaked after all! This is a little taste of what to expect! -- Source: BetasIRC)
HOT! LH4053 Tweak Guide
(The best LH4053 Tweak Guide available imho -- Authors: Chris123NT & Nighthawk)
LH4053 Boot Fix
(Just in case your ISO is not bootable -- Source: FlexBeta.net)
LH4053 Unofficial CD Covers
(Some nice CD Covers for this build -- Author: Candyman)
LH4053 Longhorn Media Player
(An early alpha version of the Longhorn Media Player for LH4053 -- Source: BetasIRC)
Longhorn Custom Bliss Wallpapers
(This package contains 3 nice Bliss wallpapers; i.e. Blue, Grey & Fake)
TIP! LH Explorer Memory LeakFix v2.0 Beta
(Longhorn 4015/4029/4051/4053 explorer memory leak fix -- Author: Candyman)



-- LONGHORN [Build 4051] --

LH4051 running within MS Virtual PC 2004 (general)
(Runs fine except for one obvious problem: it looks goddamn ugly!)
LH4051 running within MS Virtual PC 2004 (activated)
(Here's the proof that it was really activated)
LH4051 running within MS Virtual PC 2004 (Clock)

(That clock seems to eat resources)
LH4051 running within MS Virtual PC 2004 (Display)
(Well, well.. 4 bit color? No wonder it looks so ugly :-)
LH4051 running within MS Virtual PC 2004 (Popup Blocker)
(Is this the first sign of MS's thrustworthy computing?)
LH4051 running within MS Virtual PC 2004 (IExplorer)
(Is this really Internet Explorer? What a fancy buttons!)
LH4051 running within MS Virtual PC 2004 (TimeBomb)
(That's right! That stupid "Evaluation Line" is gone!)

LH4051 - (My) Computer
LH4051 - How Colourful
LH4051 - Control Panel
LH4051 - Help & Support
LH4051 - Picture Viewer
LH4051 - Popup Blocker in IE
LH4051 - TCP/IPv6 built in

1 - 2 - 3 - 4
(Screenshots of Microsoft's Windows Longhorn Professional 64-bit for AMD build 4051)

LH4051 PDC Edition Repack & Customize Guide
(Do you want to build a *lite* version of LH 4051 yourself? This is how to do it! -- Author: mstest)
TIP! LH4051 Alternate Tweak Guide v1.2
(Alternative Tweak Guide wherein NO windows components are removed! -- Author: OsirisPir@os)
LH40xx Tweak Guide
(Just another tweak guide -- Author: SkyDancer)
LH4051 Memory LeakFix [untested]
(A memory leakfix for the new Longhorn)
LH4051 Memory LeakFix [untested]
(Another memory leakfix for LH build 4051-- Author: Candyman)
HOT! LH4051 Tweak Guide
(The best LH4051 tweak guide available imho -- Authors: Chris123NT & Nighthawk)
TIP! LH4051 MS Virtual PC Install Guide
(Do you want to install LH in VPC? This guide fixes among others the color problem!)

1st Longhorn App Released! [Speech2Blog]
(Bizar, Longhorn is still in alpha phase, yet the 1st app has emerged: look here for more info)
LH "msconfig" File
(For those who miss the Run->"msconfig" feature in Longhorn :-)
LH IE 6.05 Download Fix
(This is a Fix for the download bug in IE v6.05 found in Longhorn)



-- LONGHORN [Build 4029] --

01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14 - 15 - 16 - 17 - 18
(This build is genuine, and is already leaked!!)

HOT! LH4029 Tweak Guide
(The best LH4029 tweak guide available imho -- Author: Chris123NT)
LH Explorer Memory LeakFix v2.0 Beta
(It is known that IE leaks memory like hell in LH, so grab this fix and minimize the damage! -- Author: Candyman123)
LH4015/4029 RPC Vulnerability Fix v2.1 Beta
(Protect your LongHorn against those malicious RPC-worms out there, now! -- Author: Candyman123)



-- LONGHORN [Build 4015] --

01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12
(This build is a controlled leak, but has find it's way to the masses!)

HOT! LH4015 Tweak Guide
(The best LH4015 tweak guide available imho -- Author: Chris123NT)
LH4015 Windows Image File Dumper
(WIMDump is a utility to extract the contents of a Windows Image File - Author: ZoRoNaX)
LH4015 BootFix [ReflectiaX]
(Longhorn 4015 boot/install fix from ReflectiaX)
LH4015 FixMePack [WinBeta]
(Longhorn 4015 boot/install fix from WinBeta)
LH4015 Memory Leak Fix v0.6 Beta [BOFH]
(Longhorn 4015 explorer memory leak fix.. untested)
LH4015 Small Guide
(A small guide to optimize LH4015, if you don't like reading a lot :-)
LH4015 Big Guide
(A more elaborate optimization guide for LH4015 -- from AlphaAlien)
LH ScreenSaver
(Replace your default Windows screensaver with this one!)

Bliss M5 Build [Wallpaper]  
TIP! Longhorn Revolution ShellStyles
(Cool Longhorn Shell Styles -- worth a try!)



-- LONGHORN [Build 4008] --

HOT! LH4008 Tweak Guide
(The best LH4008 tweak guide available imho -- Authors: Chris123NT & Nighthawk)
Install & Optimize Guide
HardwareGeeks Tweak Guide
My Contacts Showcase & Messenger Sidebar Guide

Longhorn @ HYPERSPEED!
(This must be the ULTIMATE system for overclocking if you ask me :-)
IE Version Number
IE Fullscreen

Bliss M4 Build
M4 Custom Backgrounds Pack [IEBeta.net]



-- LONGHORN [Build 3683] --

HOT! LH3683 Tweak Guide
(The best LH3683 tweak guide available imho -- Authors: Chris123NT & Nighthawk)
HTML Boot Guide
(A guide to make a full bootable LH-CD with XP SP1 incorporated from the leaked XBetas ISO)
TIP! LH Alpha 3683 CD-Fix v1.5
(Fix the original leaked LH-CD from XBetas)
IE Patch
(Should fix the major Internet Explorer memory leak)
Original Setup File
(If you want to replace the XBetas hacked setup-screen with the original one)

Funny Error
LH Activated [k] – PROOF
LH Activation & Timebomb Gone – PROOF
LH Desktop Build Gone – PROOF

Bliss371X Wallpaper
Longhorn Wallpapers (by Tommie)
Longhorn CD Covers (by Tommie)



ASPI v4.71.2 Drivers
DirectX v9.0c English [Final Retail]
TIP! ClonyXXL v2.0.1.5



-- TOOLS --

SysInternals Tools
HOT!TIP! SysInternals *freeware* Website
(Advanced Utilities, Technical Information, and Source Code related to Windows NT/2000/XP/2K3 Internals)
List of STARTUP ITEMS: Do You Need All of Them?
(Self-executable DB with built-in browser and search capabilities! -- website)

Various Tools
BootVis Tool v1.3.37.0 [WinXP]
(No longer available from Microsoft, because of this)
MSN Messenger Lite v3.6
(stand-alone MSN Messenger executable - no install needed!)
NEW! MSN 7 Universal Patcher++ v0.3beta - (old patch)
(Patcher for polygamy, banners, ads, tabs, search bar and actions pane of MSN 7 or lower!)
NEW! Messenger Plus v3.25.106! [All MSN Versions]
(The well-known MSN Msg extension from Patchou.. a must-have!)
 NEW! Mobile Net Switch v3.0
(Mobile Net Switch is a *must* for every laptop/notebook user! -- website)
TIP! IIS Lockdown Wizard v2.1
(Check your IIS Server for security with this handy Wizard from MS)
NSA(!) Guide to Securing Windows XP
(What can I say? The NSA runs on WindowsXP apparently :-)
Unattended Installation Guide for Win2k/XP
(If you like to do an installation the expert-way.. this is what you need)
Flexbeta Slipstreamer XP v2.0 (Beta2)
(Slipstream any Windows XP or Office XP Service Pack into your installation)
TIP! The Tweaking Experience Registry Guide v3.1
(Very good XP/Win2k3 tweaking guide made by Lex van der Horst, a Dutch MVP)
Microsoft Virtual CD v2.1
(This -unsupported- MS tool lets you mount ISO images so you can access them as if they were in your CD drive)
Bart's PE Builder v3.0.26
(Build your own Bart Preinstalled Environment (BartPE) bootable CD/DVD! -- website)
NEW! Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer v1.2.1 [WinXP/2k3]
(MBSA will scan for common system misconfigurations and report on it - now compatible with SP2!)
TIP! IE Menu Extension: Copy Image Url
(With this IE Menu Extension you can right click an image and select “Copy Image Url”)
NEW! MSN Msgr 7.x Custom Games Patch v2.0.0
(Add a lot more cool & exciting Games (Tetris, Battleships, ...) to your Messenger with this Patch from games.mess.be!)
HOT! Norton Antivirus Subscription for Life
(This NAV Subcription will give you free LiveUpdates until 2116!)



-- OTHER --

! BSOD ScreenSaver !
(This one is really cool :-)
TIP! ? Is Your Computer Psychic ?
(You have to see it to believe it..)
TIP! Microsoftrix - Matrix Parody (mirror)
(Hilarious Matrix Parody from MS Comdex 2003!)
About the Windows 2000/NT Source Code Leak
(The opinion of Winternals expert Tamura Jones; interesting read!)

Laus Stultitiae (Erasmus) – Dutch Partial Translation
VUB SSEL Site Defaced – PROOF
Madonna.com Hax0red – PROOF

Spambot Killer



(The Famous Quotes of the Iraqi Minister of Information Muhammed Saeed al-Sahaf)
TIP! Troubleshooting Windows XP Malware [MVP-site]
(Want to get rid of unwanted spyware, parasites and ads? Click the link & learn!)
Go-L (personal supercomputers)
(Just won the lottery? Don't know what to buy? Take a look here!)
eXtreme Cooling to -100°C
(Doomsday Cooling with Dual-Cascade Vaporphase Cooler.. pushing the limits!)
NEW!TIP! XP SP2 Slipstreaming Guide
(Short slipstreaming guide to make a bootable XP CD with Service Pack 2 integrated!)
TIP! Image Burning Guide
(Short Image Burning Guide for various CD Burning Appz and Image File Formats)
TIP! IRC Download Tutorial - mIRC Bot Tutorial
(Short IRC Tutorial and mIRC Bot Tutorial on how to download from XDCC bots using mIRC)
HOT! What is your Matrix name?
(Check this out! I'm Switchback btw :-))
TIP! GCNaddict's Stuff for XP/Longhorn
(Some cool stuff made by GCNaddict like custom logonUIs for example)

The Truth About [Local Copies]
TIP! Data Removal and Erasure from Hard Disk Drives
Global Warming: Fact & Myth

How Aliens Might Work
How Antimatter Spacecraft Will Work
How Black Holes Work
How Lock Picking Works
How Nanotechnology Will Work
How Nostradamus Works
How Space Wars Will Work
How Special Relativity (SR) Works
TIP! How Time Travel Will Work



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