Installation Notes and very important tweaks for making Longhorn the best High-Speed XP ever seen

Windows Longhorn Tweaking: Or how to get Longhorn OS from slow to Lightspeed and better than any other XP ! Believin it? Try it out, its true !

As many of you know a Windows Longhorn Alpha was first leaked in September of 2002. The second version, Build 4008 leaked around the first dayz of march. Most people think because these were early Alpha releases, that they are not a stable functioning microsoft standard. Out of the box Longhorn is not only unstable, but slow. (But not for long if you folks follow my guide he, he!) In this guide I will attempt to teach you how you can make Longhorn your primary OS. Longhorn XP is even better than XP Pro, when tweaked enough! Believe it, my OS is so fast that it frightens myself how good it works.

The first homework you got to do is getting those files : TweakNT from WinBETA, it will remove the timebomb. Worx like shit, really good this little programme. It changes the primary intention of any NT-based OS, so you can convert an HOME EDITION to an PROFESSIONAL EDITION. You can even change Longhorn professional to Longhorn Home Edition (donīt know why anyone should do this but it works) :-) - The second program you need is called: WINXP_CRK.exe. This program is written in Russian. So I'm going to easily explain this in a simple step. Reboot to Safe Mode by pressing F8 before the Windows LOGO on boot shows up. Run the winxp_crk file as administrator. Reboot. Click on Activate Windows. Choose by Telephone. Use 401111 in all the fields, click on next. You have successfully activated windows. Congrats.

The best place in the Web to find those tiny programs is searching on this side: (best search engine ever seen)
Here you can find ANYTHING.

If youīre still unable to find the programs on the Web (but only in this case) I can mail you those programs. Contact me : - Your requests will be replied - be sure.

Ok now you are ready to install Longhorn. Put the CD in your tray, reboot and do a fresh installation. Make sure to format your HDD with the NTFS Filesystem, as it has numerous advantages over FAT32, including bigger file size, more secure, better stabability etc.

Wait for Longhorn to do it's thing, and setup. Depending on your copy you may get multiple errors and/or a DOS window in the lower left hand corner of your screen (I got these when I installed 3863 Alpha, by installing 4008 there where no errors at all). Simply ignore these errors and continue with the installation of Longhorn.

Once you have a Longhorn system up and a running install, Use the TweakNT - TimebombBUSTER-function like explained. After Re-Booting run WINXP_CRK.exe in protected mode like explained at the beginning of this guide....

Now it's time to actually start the tweaking process :o) NOTE: You do not have to do every tweak, but many of them will speed Longhorn up significantly. SCOTTY - BEAM ME UP YOU LITTLE DAMN SLO-WORKING STINKING ASHOLE.....(just kidding) Here we go....


Tweak #1 (Disabling unnesasary loaded system files)

- First type the following into the IE adress bar: %windir%\inf\sysoc.inf

- Now for every line that has the word HIDE in all captials, delete that word so that there will be the two comma's.

It looks like this Before: TabletPC=tabletoc.dll,TabletSetupProc,Tablet.inf,HIDE,7

After: TabletPC=tabletoc.dll,TabletSetupProc,Tablet.inf,,7


Tweak #2 (Windows Components)

- Go to: Control Panel\Add or Remove Programs\Add\Remove Windows Components and uncheck the following:
Windows Future Storage Services, Windows Automatic Updates, TabletPC Components, and MyGames

- Uncheck whatever else you want, *BUT* Leave the blank entry as that contails *CORE* windows components that will screw up Longhorn if unchecked!


Tweak #3 (How your Desktop looks)

Go to Control Panel\System\Advanced and click on Performance Settings. Uncheck the following:

Animate Windows when minimizing and maximizing

Fade or slide menus into view

Fade or slide ToolTips into view

Fade out menu items after clicking

Show shadows under menus (imporant!)

Show window contents while dragging (also important)

Slide open combo boxes

Slide taskbar buttons

Smooth edges of screen fonts (last important one)

Smooth-scroll list boxes

NOTE: I also recommend going into Control Panel\Folder Options and in general click off what you don't want, and under the view tab uncheck what you don't want


Tweak #4 (Startup tweaking)

Click on your start menu, and then go to run. Type the following without the quotes "msconfig". Then click on the startup tab. Numerous startup items can be disabled here. Here are some that you can safely uncheck: IDW Logging Tool msmsgs nwiz NvCpl wizard winampa You may not have all these on your system, and actually you probably don't.

NOTE#1: I highly recommend you take a look at this guide if you are unfamiliar with startup items.

NOTE#2: By clicking on Start, Programs, and highlighting Startup, you can right click on any of the files contained in the Startup folder to stop them from starting up. This will *NOT* delete the program, so don't worry :o)


Tweak #5 (Speed & Security Tweakage)

Ok firstly right click on My Computer, and select Properties. Click on the Remote tab and uncheck 'turn on remote assistance'. Now click on the Automatic Updates tab and uncheck 'keep my computer up to date...'. Now click on the System Restore tab, and check the box to disable System restore. You donīt need this function, since it is worked out for WINFS itīs not working good at all, so get something better to make your backups, I recommend a special freeware program that worx very well, very stable and of course fast:

(Download @ - best Adress for Web-Downloads, much more better than ZDNET or anything else)

>>> 1. UltimateZip
Description: A freeware program to pack, convert and protect archives, it supports the following formats though: ACE, ARC, ARJ, BH, BZ, BZ2, CAB, ENC, GZ, HA, JAR, LHA, LZA, PAK, PK3, PK_, RAR, TAR, TBZ, TBZ2, UU, UUE, UZB, UZE, WSZ, XXE, Z, ZIP, ZOO. It also has to following abilitys: Batch Compression, Batch extraction, Crypting and Decrypting, Mask files, Installation without msi (of course with msi files), it can repair broken ZIPīs and also is able to create self-extracting archives of itīs supported file types. It can Password-Protect any archive, it is able to change itīs Skin, (you can directly download a bunch of cool looking skins from the authors website) and IT HAS THE ABILITY TO MAKE BACKUPS with itīs integrated Backup-Wizard. Never seen a program like this before... I already told it, but itīs FREEWARE. I tested it for compatibility with Longhorn, and it worx just fine. Never screwed up since I installed it, and it only needs about 4 Megs space. So discard those stinkinīprograms Like Winzip 8.Shit or RAR, you donīt need them any more.


Tweak #6 (Disk Performance/Sharing)

Double click on My Computer and then right click on your C drive. Now Select properties. Uncheck the two check boxes on the bottom. They are both uneeded and can cause slowdowns, especially with lower speed HDD's. Now select the Sharing tab, and select do not share any drives.


Tweak #7 (Disabling Unnessasary Services)

Firstly click on Start, Run, and then type:


To edit a service right click on it, and then select properties. From the dropdown box you can select what you need. Here are what you should select for the following:

Cryptographic Services

DHCP Client

DNS Client

Event Log

Plug and Play

Protected Storage

Remote Procedure Call (RPC)

System Event Notification

Task Scheduler

Themes (this function is in 4008 not available in the Services there itīs already enabled as an automatic function)

Windows Audio

Windows Management Instrumentation

Windows Time


Automatic Updates (manually update using Internet Explorer>Tools>Windows Update)


Error Reporting Service

Fast User Switching Compatibility

Help and Support

Human Device Interface Access

IMAPI CD-Burning COM Service (donīt be frightend to do so, Nero just worx as well when you disable this)

Indexing Service

IPSEC Services

NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing

Network DDE

Network DDE DSM

Performance Logs and Alerts

Portable Media Serial Number

Print Spooler (Set to Automatic if you have a printer installed)

Remote Desktop Help Session Manager

Remote Registry

Routing and Remote Access

Secondary Logon

Security Accounts Manager

Smart Card

Smart Card Helper

System Restore Service



Uninterruptible Power Supply

Upload Manager

Volume Shadow Copy


Wireless Zero Configuration


WMI Performance Adapter


After all these tweaks you will see a remarkable difference in how longhorn performs. And if you don't:

A: Get better hardware

B: Get 'better' software such as XP Pro SP1 (If you think it's better...I donīt think so)

C: Lick my ass if you want


So-------- and now, I have a few programs listed here, that should help you making your OS a little bit better, really improvements.....

First I have to say: Iīm working on a new version of the UXTHEME.DLL, if itīs ready you can select any theme that you want. So themez are @ work, with my new UXTHEME.DLL youīll be able to watch the old MS-Theme Stylez and of course the new Longhorn MS-Themestylez based on xml. Weīll see but I think itīll fit. If Iīm pleased with some other workouts I did during the last weeks I will finish it tonight. So wait up for your themes here are the suggested programs:

1. RamDef Xtreme 2.6
Description: RAM Optimizer that works very fine in Longhorn, it transport not needed DLLīs to the systems pagefile and frees your RAM for running operations and programs. It shows the free ram in the taskbar, and you can automaticly free RAM very fast by double klicking the Symbol in the Taskbar (just like in tweak xp). This progi has only about 300 kb so, I guess you cannot do anything wrong with it.

2. UltimateZip
Description in Tweak Guide

3. Folderbox 1.10 (by
This Program makez the F***IN Windows-Explorer much better. Didnīt like Windows Explorer since I can think. But according to a few Options that are only available with the Longhorn Version of the Explorer (such as scaleing the icons to any size) I had no chance but to improve Explorer and not to download my favorite Windows Commander. FOLDERBOX makes a few things. It was created for Explorer Version five and thatīs the fact why it worx so good . It addz automaticly a second window to your explorer so you can browse 2 directorys simultaniously. Pardon my bad english. The fact that it has parts of the old explorer shell integrated lets Longhornīs Explorer work more stable. Make two things with one programme better, thats it. Itīs freeware, so go to their download section and when youre at the end of the page there stands a dialoge with something blalbla Freeware, klick on it and youīre in their freeware archive, do the same with the following programme.

4. OpenExpert 1.30 (also by
In due to the fact that the Avalon shell handler does actually not coordinate so well @ the moment, this programme is what you need. With this programme you can add for any file and filetype the following dialogue to the shell : OPEN WITH. And thats not all, you have the full possibillity to specify, WHICH programs are shown for opening the selected filetype. If that is no real improvement, so I donīt know what the hell then should be real improvement. Itīs also a freeware programme.

5. THE GIMP (I guess you know it all)
The Gimp should handle your pictures very well, Iīm only writing it down because I have tested the GIMP and it worx also great. For those who donīt know: the Gimp can also work with regular PHOTOSHOP and PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS Plugins. Gimp for Windows is still not that famous like Gimp for Linux (donīt know why but it is a fact). Change this and download the fucking best programe for handling your pix and workoutz ... I think I wrote down this sentence a few times before in this guide, but itīs like a curse : IT`S FREEWARE.........

6. OPERA 7.03
????? Yes ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Donīt point @ me, I donīt like MS fuckin Shit Explorer and Opera is the only Browser I know that is very compatible with Big Mīs new XML sources. Opera is since 2001 working very related with IBM and they made an XML Browser for IBM. Thatīs the reason why opera is so compatible to XML standard. Just install Opera, get Java2 newest Version from Sun Microsystems, and make your mails also run with it. Apply Opera as standard programme for the following protocols: htm, html, url, xml, and you will recognize that this keeps your Explorer more stable too. It donīt has to work that much. And it frees space, because you now can delete outlook express. Browsing will be faster too, believe it.

I think the name says all that this programme will do. Worx great with Longhorn.... Disable all relevant Spys integrated by Microsoft:
Regdone set at 1, Deleting the Alexa registry and much more, you need it, or you should do a real step away from Microsoft Websites.

Puh, I guess thats all for the beginning. If Iīll "explore" something new, or if I have finished my UXTHEME.DLL, I will let you all know.

Iīm tired now, I think I will turn of the pc and hear a little bit music instead. If you need a tip in this topic too:

Download from Kazaalite : DREDG - LEITMOTIF, best Band I ever heard, and best CD I ever heard.

So, thats really everything, SkyDancer is shutting down now. For any questions contact me under the following adress : :ph34r: :blink: :ph34r: :P