IRC Tutorial

Made by: Jesse from ieXbeta Board


So you want to get in an IRC channel and download some goods, but you haven't a clue of how to do it and you need some help. Well my friend, this is a quick 'n dirty tutorial that's going to give you the bare necessities to facilitate you in doing just that.

Before we jump into the nitty-gritty, let me give you a real quick rundown of what IRC is. Now, I know this description of IRC might offend some people, but it's just an analogy so that people whom know nothing about it may better understand what it's all about. Think of IRC as a country. Where there are states and cities within those states, and each city has homes, and each home has goodies that we want. Well, if IRC is a country, than the states are servers, where each server has channels. These channels are analogous to the cities within the states. In turn, each city has homes, or in this case connected members. Every home has goodies, but only some people want to share these goodies. People that want to share things with you, will setup a bot.

A bot is nothing more than a script that acts as a sort of front-end to a file server on some individual's computer. These bots is where you'll be doing your downloading.
If this doesn't make much since to you, hopefully it will become more apparent after you dive into your first download, but if not, no big deal either :-D It's not always necessary to understand everything that we enjoy.

1. First things first. You're going to need an IRC client. IRC clients come in many flavors, but for the purposes of this tutorial, we're going to use mIRC because it's so widely used, and fairly straight forward for the beginner.

Go to and download the client. Then install it.


Open mIRC. You'll be presented with your very first options dialog box.

user posted image

Full Name:
Anything you want
Email Address:
Anything you want
This is the name that people will identify you with, just like your forum name.
Same as above, but if some other jack-monkey already has that name in the channel you're in, your alternate will be used.

3. Identity Server:

user posted image

User ID:
Put whatever you want in here

4. DCC Main:

user posted image

5: DCC Get:

user posted image

To have the DCC Get Folder dialog window open, you must click on the Edit button in the main window.
DCC Get Folder Dialog: All you need to set here is the Into this Folder: option. Click on the button below the Into this Folder: header, and navigate to the local folder that you want to save the goodies that you download from IRC. For example, I save all my things to a Temp folder on my Desktop.


Well, that's it! You've sucessfully configured mIRC...That wasn't so hard now was it?!?
Alright, now that you're an mIRC configuration guru, it's time to learn the commands necessary for downloading those binary goodies.

Server Connect:
Join Channel:
/join #channel_name_here
Make a bot list it's contents:
/msg bot_name xdcc list (some bots give permanent ban if you use this)
Download a package from a bot:
/msg bot_name xdcc send #packet_number_here (some bots give permanent ban if you use this)

Download a package from a bot: /ctcp bot_name xdcc send #packet_number_here (recommended)

Command Use:

So let's say that you want to download Microsoft Paint, and you've found out that Microsoft Paint is in a server called uber and in a channel called downloads. First thing, open mIRC and type in:

/server uber
/join #downloads

Now, let's say that you know Microsoft Paint is being served by a bot named paint_me but you don't know which packet number it is. Well, in order to make the bot list it's contents, we would type in:

/msg paint_me xdcc list

And paint_me would display a list of everything that it is sharing, and preceding each packet would be a packet number which corresponds to each individual packet. Back to our analogy. We've made paint_me list, and we found that it is serving Microsoft Paint as packet number 6. In order to download that packet we will type in:

/msg paint_me xdcc send #6

And shortly thereafter, paint_me will message us and tell us that it is either going to send us that packet, or we are going to have to wait in queue. A queue is the same thing as a line at Disney Land. It's known as a first-in-first-out structure.

If you're stuck waiting in queue, it's not the end of the world. The bot will message you every few minutes and tell you your queue position progress, and sooner or later he'll message you saying that he's ready to send. At that time, a new Get dialog will open and ask you if you would like to receive the packet. All you have to do is click Yes and you're on your way. A new dialog will open showing you your download progress...

And that's it! You're an IRC machine! No more no0b calling for you!

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